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ADR : Automatic Dialogue Replacement. Recording of dialog for a scene after it has been shot, usually to replace location sound that is unusable because of street noise, camera noise, etc. The workprint and sync magnetic film transfer for the scene are spliced into continuous loops and projected in a sound studio so that the actors can recreate the phrasing and feeling they had on the set. New takes are recorded on a separate mag film loop and/or other synchronous tape until an acceptable performance is obtained. Also see virgin looping, looping, and lip sync.

headroom : The amount of additional signal above the nominal input level that can be sent into a module before clipping distortion occurs. On a digital tape, input levels are set very low, -15VU to -12VU, to allow adequate headroom for occasional input peaks that might exceed -12VU. See dynamic headroom, dynamic range, overs.

quadruplex recorder : A VTR recording configuration in which four heads are mounted around a wheel that turns in contact with 2" tape. This system has largely been replaced by helical scan formats.

quadraphonic : An sound system which attempts to model a live acoustic using four audio channels to give the effect of sound arriving from different parts of the listening environment. See also stereophonic, LCRS, surround-sound.

quadrature : Two signals which are 90˚ out-of-phaseout of phase with each other are said to be in quadrature. Also, a signal or function such as impedance will have a phase angle that varies with frequency or with time. The phase angle can be resolved into two components, real and imaginary, which have a 90˚ phase difference, where the imaginary part is called the quadrature part.

thermal headroom : A term which denotes the difference between the nominal operating temperature of a power amplifier and the maximum temperature at which the amplifier will continue operating, i.e., before its thermal protection circuitry will shut it down.

dynamic headroom : The ability of a power amplifier to handle short bursts of power without overload.

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