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ADC : See analog-to-digital converter.

EDC : Error Detection Code. See error correction.

HDCD : High Definition-Compatible CD. A trademark dithering process by Pacific Microsonics. The "HDCD process effectively cancels the additive distortions and simultaneously provides additional data to reduce the subtractive distortions" and is compatible with existing consumer digital playback equipment, claiming that there is a clear improvement in the fidelity of the conventional CD. The process works by converting an analog signal into a digital signal with a word length of "longer than 16 bits" and at a sampling frequency of "greater than 100kHz." These data can then be encoded into the standard CD format, or used with 20- or 24-bit recording/editing hardware/software. When used with an HDCD decoder, the reconstructed signal is output at the appropriate > 16-bit, > 44.1kHz format."

soundcard s: A circuit board that installs inside a computer, adding new sound capabilities. These capabilities can include an FM or wavetable synthesizer and audio inputs and outputs. MIDI inputs and outputs are also normally included.

DCA : Digitally Controlled Amplifier. Sometimes short for Digitally Controlled Attenuator. The DCA of a digital synthesizer modifies the amplitude of the signal generated by the DCO. It is the digital analog of a VCA.


DCC : See Digital Compact Cassette.

DCO : Digitally Controlled Oscillator. The microprocessor-controlled sound generator used in a digital synthesizer. The DCO directly generates the original signal that is used as the fundamental for the sounds created by the synthesizer. The keyboard tells the DCOs what pitch to produce; the audio signal may then be altered by sound modifiers, including a DCW, DCA, differentiators and integrators, and various modulators and limiters. The digital equivalent of the analog VCO.

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DA : An alternative to AM and FM broadcasting with audio quality comparable to that of the CD, it does not suffer from fringe area fading or multipath distortion, and requires less radiated power than conventional broadcasting (1kW versus 50kW for AM and up to 100kW for FM.)

direct current (DC) : Current in only one direction. DC always has the same direction, from the positive to the negative terminal. Compare with AC.

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