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looping modes : A loop can play (1) forward from start to end, (2) in reverse from end to start, or (3) alternating between forward and reverse. Also called loop type. See also crossfade looping.

sound designer : (1) Most commonly, the person who creates special sound effects for film; originally, the person assigned responsibility for the over sound of the film, and who supervises the sound editing and re-recording. (2) SoundDesigner™, a popular digital synthesis program.

preview codes : Edgecodes on an edited workprint or its copies and sound elements to create a new reference for a given version of the film. When the film is subsequently re-edited, the process of conforming multiple tracks can be sped up greatly.

DES : Dolby-Encoded Stereo. A noise reduction system employed in the reproduction of stereo optical tracks in movie theaters.

desk : See mixer.

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