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HDTV : High Definition TeleVision. A term designating any television system using many more than the standard number of lines per frame specified in the NTSC, PAL, or SECAM systems. Experimental HDTV systems have been developed to provide high-resolution computer animation for motion pictures, flight simulators, etc., but are unlikely to be used for broadcast any time soon due to their inherent incompatibility with existing broadcast standards. The HDTV standard includes 5.1 audio, using AC-3">AC-3 encoding."

Digital TeleVision (DTV) : See DTV.

DTV : Digital TeleVision. DTV’s audio specification provides up to six discrete channels of 5.1-format audio, where the LFE channel is band-limited to 25Hz-120Hz. DTV has been developed specifically for the home theater market, as an improvement to the ProLogic system.

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