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ECC : Error Correction Code. See error correction.

error correction (ECC) : Error Correcting Code. In digital audio systems, the sampled amplitudes of the signal waveform are expressed by digital encoding. If, in the transmission of the digital words, some bits are missing or incorrect due to tape dropouts, etc., the result will be gross distortion of that portion of the signal when it is reconstructed. Error correction is made possible through the use of a parity check bit added to each data word, as well as more complex schemes. See error concealment, error protection, CRC.

Decca trees : A triangular array of omnidirectional microphones , a type of true spaced-microphone recording technique, where the central channel is distributed equally to left and right. This yields a very stable central image, avoiding the hole-in-the-middle which is problematic with many space-pair arrangements. A variant on the Decca tree places three cardioid microphones (L,C,R) in a triangle configuration. In all cases, the width of the tree is typically one-half to one-third the sound field width, and the center microphone is slightly closer to the performers. See binaural recording.

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