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AFTRA : American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

aftertouch : A type of MIDI controller data, generated by pressing down on one or more keys after they have reached and are resting on the keybed. Also called pressure. See channel pressure, poly pressure.

after-fader listen : (AFL) On many recording and mixing consoles, there is an option labeled AFL, or after-fader listen. This allows the listener to hear the audio after the channel fader has effected the audio signal. The AFL is also known as post-fader listen. The oposite of AFL is pre-fader listen.

AFM : (1) Audio Frequency Modulation. A processing scheme used for recording high-quality analog audio in videocassette recorders equipped with "Hi-fi" stereo audio. (2) American Federation of Musicians. The union that represents professional musicians in all their client and employer relations.

AF : Audio Frequency. This refers to frequencies within the audible range, usually taken to be 20Hz-20kHz. This frequency range is an average; many people hear tones below 20Hz, although most people are virtually deaf above 15kHz or 16kHz. See Hz (Hertz).

acoustic baffle : See baffle.

baffle : A partition placed between two sources of sound, or between a sound source and a microphone, to prevent sound from passing through. The baffle, or screen, may be made of any material with a high absorbtion coefficient. Most baffles are designed as movable partitions, and are used to isolate individual instruments in recording studios.

AF : Alternative Frequency. See RDS.

cottage loaf microphone : See supercardioid or hypercardioid microphone. UK usage.

MAF : Minimum Audible Frequency. The lowest line on an equal loudness curve, representing 0dB SPL.

gaffer : (1) On a film set, the head electrician, now more commonly called the "Chief Lighting Technician." (2) In film, the head of a crew, e.g., the "gaffing mixer" would be the re-recording mixer-in-charge, formerly known as the gunner.

infinite baffle : A loudspeaker which is constructed in a totally sealed enclosure so that it completely separates the sound radiated from its back. The opposite of a ported enclosure.

AAF : Advanced Authoring Format. A cross platform interchange format used in the creation, editing, and distribution of media content in an all-digital environment.

staff : See stave.

safe mode : One of the operating modes of tape recorder electronics. Any tracks placed in safe mode are prevented from entering record mode, even if the engineer accidentally depresses the record-ready button or master-record button. Opposite of ready mode.

safety : Short for safety copy or safety master, a duplicate of any audio or video tape made in case the master itself is lost or damaged. Also called a protection copy

PAF :"

datafiler : A portable device for the replay of previously recorded MIDI data, used in live performances.

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