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balance : (1) The amount of relative signal provided to each of two (or more) audio channels. (2) A control on a synthesizer which adjusts the relative volumes of two different sounds which it can voice simultaneously. Not to be confused with pan.

balanced line : Audio lines in which the signal current is not carried by the cable shield of a shielded cable. This requires two conductors for the signal, enclosed in a shield, with neither conductor connected to the shield. The circuit utilizes two identical conductors operated so that the voltages on each of them are equal in magnitude, but opposite in polarity with respect to ground. Compare with unbalanced line. See common-mode..

balance stripe : See mag film.

floating unbalanced output : a phone-type output where the sleeve of the output stage is not connected inside the unit, and the ring is connected, usually through a small resister, to the audio signal ground. This allows the tip and ring to "appear" as equal impedance, not-quite-balanced output stage, even though the output circuitry is unbalanced. Floating unbalanced often works to drive either a balanced or unbalanced input, depending if a TS or TRS standard cable is plugged into the output. If a floating unbalanced connection hums, a ground-lift cable is required. Also known as a pseudo-balanced output, or quasi-balanced.

master balance : A message of the Universal System-Exclusive type used for controlling the balance between the left and right outputs of a multitimbral synthesizer, in preference to adjusting individual channel balance.

quasi-balanced : See floating unbalanced output.

pseudo-balanced : See floating unbalanced output.

unbalanced lines : Any transmission line in which the two conductors are at different potentials with respect to ground. In an unbalanced connection, the ground conductor does double-duty, completing the electrical circuit and serving as a shield. Compare with balanced line.

dry/wet balance : This refers to the amount of dry signal relative to the amount of reverb or other effect-processed wet sound.

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