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bandwidth : (1) The capacity of the channel through which information can pass. In audio, the rated bandwidth of a device is the portion of the frequency spectrum it can handle without significant degradation. In digital communications, the bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted in a given period of time. (2) The bandwidth of a bandpass filter is the upper rolloff frequency minus the lower rolloff frequency, i.e., the frequency range in Hertz (Hz), or band, passed by the filter.

power bandwidth : The bandwidth of an audio device such as a power amplifier, measured while delivering its full rated load. This is limited by the slew rate of the device and is always narrower than the small signal bandwidth.

small signal bandwidth : The bandwidth an audio device will exhibit at relatively low signal levels. Most audio devices will have a wider frequency range at low signal levels than high signal levels because of such effects as slew limiting. See power bandwidth.

rated bandwidth : The frequency range, normally 20Hz-2kHz, over which the performance of an audio device is rated with respect to specification rated characteristics such as power output bandwidth, harmonic dc distortion, etc.

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