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bar : In written music, a grouping of pulses into a convenient unit which falls between two barlines. A barline is the vertical line which crosses the stave at regular intervals. The bar begins with the downbeat and ends immediately before the next downbeat, and will contain a constant number of beats of the type determined by the time signature, e.g., a bar of 4/4 will have four quarter-note beats.

Barkhausen effect : The tendency of the magnetic elements or domains on a magnetic medium to influence one another and to become magnetized in one direction or another as a group rather than individually. This means that a magnetic medium, such as recording tape, has a graininess in its magnetic makeup which is what causes most background noise, or tape hiss. Modulation noise, which is only present in conjunction with a recorded signal, is also caused by the Barkhausen effect, and is sometimes called Barkhausen noise.

barney : See blimp.

stereo bar : A mounting for a pair of microphones on a single microphone stand.

taskbar : The menu on a Windows™ system which displays open applications.

drawbar : On a Hammond organ with tonewheels, a slider that shortens the distance between the axle bearing the wheels and the transducer which converts their spinning patterns into an audio signal. This has the effect of introducing a particular harmonic into the sound to alter its timbre. While similar in purpose to a stop on a pipe organ, it has the advantage of being variable in intensity as opposed to a stopís simple on/off action. Drawbars have been retained on more recent electronic organs of the Hammond type, but their function is now to act as simple faders that adjust the gain of different oscillators.

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