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Academy centerline : See optical track.

cent : The smallest conventional unit of pitch deviation. One hundred cents equal one half-step. In an instrument, a cent is a term used in discussing pitch resolution; one cent is good, more than six cents is bad. See half-step.

center detent : A notched position in the range of a variable control, allowing the user to return the control to precisely that position, such as the midpoint between the left and right channels in a balance control. Use to denote the flat position on tone controls, etc.

center frequency : The frequency that is boosted or attenuated most by the operation of any parametric equalizer or other similar processing device or circuit. See Q.

center tap : In a transformer, the electrical midpoint of the windings, made accessible for external connection. Used, for example, in delivering power to balanced line condenser microphones. See phantom power, Appendix B.

quiescent noise : (1) See noise floor. (2) The combined intrinsic noise produced by all sound reinforcement devices, plus all extrinsic noise present in the listening space, such as HVAC equipment, traffic noise, measured when the listening/recording space is empty. Sometimes used as a synonym for noise floor, confusing everyone.

percentage quantization : A method of quantization in which notes recorded into a sequencer with uneven rhythms are not shifted all the way to their theoretically perfect timings, but instead are humanized, with the amount of shift being dependent on the user-selected percentage, called quantization strength.

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