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A-chain : The part of the motion picture reproduction system in a theater that contains the sound transducer (such as an optical analog track reader or digital sound format decoder), preamp, noise reduction and matrix decoding, where applicable. The A-chain equipment decodes the sound in preparation for the B-chain and loudspeakers.

B-chain : The film industry’s term for the sound reproduction system, including amplifiers, crossovers and loudspeakers. See A-chain, chain.

chain : Also called iron. An integrated system composed of separate audio and/or video recording, processing, or playback circuits and/or devices which are used in conjunction with one another to produce one output result. See B-chain, program chain, signal chain, side chain.

film chain : A device consisting of a motion picture projector and video camera, used to copy films onto videotape or to broadcast them directly. To adapt the 24 fps U.S. frame rate to the 30 fps NTSC video frame-rate, some chains use a projector with a five-bladed shutter, which shows each frame of film five times onto the vidicon tube of the video camera. The resulting 120 fps are regrouped four-at-a-time into 30 video images per second.

side chain : A circuit which measures how strong the input signal is which is being modulated by a compressor. This information is then used to control the gain of the circuit output. The compressor will behave differently, depending on whether the side chain responds to average signal levels or to absolute signal peaks. In the example below, for Dolby B-type companding, the side chain feeds any signals above 3kHz to the compressor:

program chain : The sequence of components or devices which is used to process a signal. It usually starts with a microphone and ends with loudspeakers, incorporating a mixing desk, tape recorder, etc. See chain. Also called a set-up.

daisy chain : See serial(2).

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