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breath controller : A device which a performer blows into, bites, or presses with the lips, allowing the articulated sound to be digitally recorded by a synthesizer or sampler. Breath controllers can control volume, filter frequency or amount of LFO. They incorporate a device known as a stress bridge.

continuous controller : A type of MIDI channel message that allows dynamic, real-time control changes to be made in notes that are currently sounding. There are 128 possible continuous controllers on each of 16 MIDI channels, and each of these controller types can have any data value between 0 and 127. Modulation (such as pan or volume) is an example of a true MIDI continuous controller. Continuous controller 1 is always the modulation wheel; controller 7 is the instrumentís main volume. See controller.

controller : (1) Any device, for example, a keyboard, wind synth controller, or pitch-bend lever, capable of modulating a sound by altering the action of some other device. (2) Any of the defined MIDI data types used for controlling the on-going quality of a sustaining tone via a controller message. In many synthesizers, the controller data category is more loosely defined to include pitch-bend and aftertouch data. See continuous controller.

controller change : A Channel Voice message which allows for musical effects such as vibrato or sustain on currently active voices.

controller chasing : A sequencer feature whereby whenever playback is requested, the sequencer looks back for the most recent controller, pitch-bend, aftertouch, and similar parameters and sets everything accordingly so that playback started in the middle of a song replays correctly.

edit controller : See edit programmer.

master controller : In a MIDI network, the device which a musician plays in order to control other devices in the network. Typically a keyboard, but a master controller could also be drum pads or some other MIDI generator such as a string or wind controller.

MIDI Controllers : (1) Devices which generate MIDI messages and which typically resemble musical instruments such as keyboards, guitars, drums, etc. Although originally conceived with a keyboard paradigm, MIDI controllers are now available as guitars, wind valves, drum kits, xylophone, piano, accordion, the violin family, as well as keyboards of all types. (2) MIDI Controller messages are a type of Channel Voice message designed for adjusting individual controls, such as pan position or channel volume, on equipment in the MIDI network. While not a part of the MIDI specification, certain conventions exist. The table below gives some of the more common controller numbers. See also controller change, continuous controllers, switched controllers. Controller messages can be switched, i.e., their value is either On or Off, or they can be continuous. Controller messages 0-31 take one additional data byte and can therefore carry values in the range 0-127. However, these can be paired with controllers 32-63 to provide two bytes of resolution, e.g., Controller 4 is paired with Controller 36). When this is done, the controller in the range 0-31 takes the MSB and its pair in the range 32-63 takes the LSB, for a range of 16,384 possible values. Most continuous controllers carry values ranging upward from 0, although physical controllers that center around zero (such as balance, pan, and pitch-bend) may be implemented so that their associated controller message carries values centered on the midpoint.

Sound Controller Message : One of ten defined MIDI Controller Change messages which are assigned to general-purpose parameters in a synthesizer or effects unit and allow real-time editing of sound quality and effects from the sequencer.

Reset All Controllers : A Channel Voice message which instructs a MIDI device to set all controllers to their inactive condition, effectively doing for controllers what an All Notes Off message does for notes. The message is actually a type of Controller Change message.

switched controller : A type of Controller Change message which is used to induce some kind of change between only two conditions, e.g., sustain pedal On or Off. As opposed to a continuous controller.

XYZ controller : A 3-axis touch pad that transmits voltages based on finger position along the horizontal and vertical axes (X and Y) and aftertouch-type pressure (Z).

data controller : A controller change message which is used to set some parameter in the receiving device, for example, the data increment and decrement switches on a synthesizer.

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