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cue : (1) (noun) A piece of music for a specific scene or event in a film. A specific part of a film soundtrack which correlates to a visual event in the film is called a cue point or hit point. (2) (verb) To position a sound source to activate at a specific time. See Real-Time MTC Cueing. spot.

cue box : A wall-mounted or movable box that receives one or more monitor mixes from the recording console, and that has jacks to plug in several sets of headphones used to send the cue mix to singers or instrumentalists in overdubbing, a narrator, or other studio talent. Also called a headphone box. See cue system.

cue line : A line drawn on the workprint, meant to be seen during projection in post-dubbing or scoring, which gives the actor or conductor a visual cue to begin.

cue list/sheet : A list of the footages and frames, beginning with 00:00, at which specific shots begin and end. Used by the re-recording mixer who needs to know which sounds or music must be played as the final mix proceeds. See also edit decision list, feet/frames.

cue mix : The blend of live inputs and/or previously recorded tracks sent by the mixing engineer to the headphones of performers playing or singing in the studio. Also called the headphone mix.

cue mode : A tape machine operating mode in which the tape lifters are defeated while the playback electronics remain operative. Used most often during editing, thus also called edit mode.

cue point : See Real-Time MTC Cueing.

cue sheet : A track sheet for mixing that gives locations of edited sounds on a track-by-track bases, either in film footages or in timecode numbers. See binky.

cue system : The entire electronic circuitry contained within the recording console that allows the engineer to adjustably feed sound from any input module to the cue mix, then out to the musicians’ or singers’ headphones via the cue amp and cue boxes.

cue track : A track of recorded music and/or clicks which are sent over headphones to the musicians and/or singers to assist them in overdubbing additional music/vocals. If the track is simply tempo clicks, it is known as a click track.

cue-up : To locate a desired point, at which a specific sound event happens on a reel of tape, and to position that point just ahead of the playback head on a tape recorder. When playback begins, the desired sound will be heard immediately.

motor cue : See projection.

music cue sheet : A list of music used in a film soundtrack, along with its type of usage (source, BG instrumental, visual vocal, etc.), i.e., not a conventional cue sheet.

slip cue : In playing records, the process of locating the first note of music in any band, holding the disc motionless while the turntable rotates beneath it, then releasing the record so that music begins precisely when the disc is released. This is done either to effect precise segues, or to align the rhythm of one record with another one already playing, called mixing.

search-to-cue : A feature in zero-locators that allows the engineer to instruct the recorder to find a designated time location on tape and stop there and await further instructions.

Real-Time MTC Cueing : MIDI Messages similar to Set-Up which contain information such as cue points, punch-in/-out points, event start and stop points, and event names. Unlike conventional MTC Set-Up messages which include details of the absolute times in the future at which events should occur, Real Time MTC Cueing messages are of the Universal System-Exclusive Real-Time type and so are to be acted on when received.

timbral interference cues : The same as comb filtering.

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