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ADB : Apple Desktop Bus. The original serial interface for the keyboard, mouse, and other "desktop" peripherals on Apple computers. ADB has recently been replaced by USB.

acoustic feedback : A squealing sound when the output of an audio circuit is fed back in phase into the circuit’s input. See feedback.

broadband : Including a wide range of frequencies, generally the entire audio range. Usually used in terms of referring to the broadband performance of an audio device with respect to some specification such as noise, <distortion, etc.

electronic feedback : See feedback.

feedback : There are two types of audio feedback: acoustic and electronic. (1) Acoustic feedback is where a gain control is set too high in a sound reinforcement system and the amplified sound enters the microphone and is reamplified until a steady howl or whistle is heard. This is also called regeneration. (2) Electronic feedback (or negative feedback) involves the application of a small portion of the output voltage of an amplifier to the input so as to cancel part of the input signal, reducing the gain of the amplifier, but also reducing the distortion and noise introduced by the amplifier. See bootstrap. (3) A specific application of feedback in FM synthesis, where at least one operator in each algorithm is equipped with a feedback loop.

foldback : The general term for the part of a sound reinforcement system in an auditorium which supplies amplified sound to the performers so they can hear themselves. See monitor mix.

foldback send : See monitor send.

motional feedback : A type of mechanical negative feedback where the actual motion of the cone of a low-frequency loudspeaker is used to generate a signal that is fed back to the amplifier. The motion of the cone itself is then inside the feedback loop, and distortion can be significantly reduced. In all motional feedback schemes, great care must be exercised to ensure that the system is stable. This means that phase-shift between the drive signal and the feedback signal must be accurately controlled.

negative feedback See feedback.

dB : See decibel.

DB-9 connector : An industry-standard connector for serial machine control of professional audio and video transports. Developed by Sony, also called the Sony 9-pin.

DBS : Direct Broadcast Satellite. See AC-1.

dbx™ noise reduction : a noise reduction system that uses a companding noise reduction to reduce noise. Dbx is connected into a recording system in the same way that a Dolby system is. It provides up to 30dB of noise reduction, but unlike Dolby noise reduction, the dbx system works over the entire audio frequency range, using a 2:1/1:2 compression/expansion ratio. Dolby-encoded and dBx-encoded tapes are incompatible. Systems using dbx noise reduction are typically more expensive than systems using Dolby."

delay line feedback : A type of modulation which creates a series of echoes when the modulation source is boosted. The greater the amount of feedback, the more repetitions of each echoed event.

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