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decay : (1) The time it takes for a sound to reach minimum loudness; the end of a sound. (2) The second of the four segments of a typical ADSR envelope. The decay control determines the amount of time it takes for the envelope to fall from the peak reached at the end of the attack segment to the sustain level. If no additional energy is put into the sound source (e.g., a cymbal), then the decay is the time during which the sound falls from the loudest point back to silence. (3) The time taken for reverberation to die away. See decay time, reverberation time,RT-60.

decay rate : The number of decibels per second by which echoes or reverberation of a sound diminish once the sound has stopped. Depending on the sound source and environment, the decay rate may be linear, i.e., a constantly decreasing number of dB per second, or it may begin to decay slowly and then fall off rapidly, or the reverse. Also, various frequencies of the sound may decay at different rates.

decay time : See reverberation time.

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