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bend depth : The amount of pitch-shift possible if the pitch-bend modulation controller is moved as far as possible. This is usually set to a whole step, but for special effects (such as electric guitar), it could be set to an octave or more.

bit depth : The number of data bits used to encode each sample point. Bit depth determines the accuracy of a sampler, converter, or other digital device in capturing momentary changes in a soundís amplitude. Typical bit depth is 16 bits, which is good for capturing loud sounds, but less good for sounds in a quieter range. Also called bit resolution.

effects depth : (1) A parameter on a synthesizer, effects unit, etc. which can be adjusted by the user to alter the mount of a particular effect, such as reverb, delay, or chorus. (2) Effects Depth controllers. Controller Change messages which are used to implement the function described in Effects Depth. These were initially assigned to specific effects, but are now generalized and operate in conjunction with Effects Controls 1 & 2 messages; the two message types taken together are called Effects Control.

depth : (1) In stereophonic reproduction of music, depth refers to the perceived relative distance between the listener and the various instruments in the sonic image. (2) In a digital delay or flanger, a parameter which modulates the length of delay around the specified delay time. Because this happens in real-time, the pitch of the input signal is varied, causing the output signal to have an apparent vibrato effect. The speed of this vibrato is set by a rate control.

depth perception : See depth(1).

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