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diatonic : A musical scale of eight notes spanning one octave, consisting of an ascending pattern of two whole-steps, a half-step, three whole-steps and another half-step. There are two types of diatonic scale in common use in western music: the diatonic major scale and the diatonic minor scale. Music which includes notes outside of the diatonic in which the piece is written is said to be chromatic.

diatonic comma : After playing the Circle of Fifths, i.e., twelve ascending perfect fifths, followed by seven descending octaves, the pitch discrepancy between the ending note and the starting note is called the diatonic comma, or the Comma of Pythagoras. This discrepancy amounts to a little over 1%, or about one-sixth of a half-step and gives rise to various temperaments in an attempt to distribute the error as harmoniously as possible. See scale construction, syntonic comma.

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