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modular digital multitrack (MD : Multitrack recording systems which record digital audio data on a videocasette, using a rotating drum in the same manner as a DAT recorder. MDMs are typically expandable by locking together multiple MDM modules. There are two MDM standards: the Alesis ADAT and compatibles which record on S-VHS tape, and the Tascam DA-88 and compatibles, which record on Hi-8mm tape. Examples of MDMs include the Akai A-DAM, Alesis ADAT, Tascam DA-88 and Yamaha DMR8/DRU8. Also called a modular recorder.

digital multitrack : A device for recording multiple channels of digital audio data at various sampling rates. Two formats have survived: the Sony/Studer DASH format and MDM machines of either ADAT or DTRS type. The first digital multitrack recorder was introduced in the late 1970s by 3M, a 32-track recorder called the Digital Audio Mastering System.

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