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bi-directional microphone : A figure-eight microphone.

omnidirectional microphone : (Omni) A pressure operation microphone with a non-directional acceptance angle, i.e., one that is spherical, usually called an omni. See directional cardioid microphone.

unidirectional microphone : Any microphone in which the pick-up pattern exhibits more sensitivity to sounds approaching on-axis, i.e., any variation of the cardioid pattern, s. Such as a supercardioid or hypercardioid. See also directional microphone, omnidirectional microphone, polar pattern.

directional microphone : A microphone which does not have a spherical polar pattern, i.e., a microphone which is not omnidirectional, such as a cardioid, figure-eight, etc. having an acceptance angle of less than 360вк. See directivity.

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