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cut effects : Sound effects that are taken from a sound library and edited, usually as opposed to recorded Foley effects. See pull, M&E.

effects : Abbreviated FX. Any form of audio signal processing or a device to produce: reverb, delay, chorusing, echo, flanging, and phasing, rotary (Leslie) speaker simulation, distortion, and tremolo, etc. See processor.

effects send bus : The mixing bus in a recording console used to mix the signal to be sent to the various effects devices. Also called the effects send bus.

effects control : Two classes of Controller Change messages which are used to introduce and adjust some kind of effect such as reverb.

effects control 1 & 2 : Controller Change messages which are intended to be assignable to parameters (other than depth) which appear in a synthesizer or effects unit and which control some aspect of an effect such as reverb time or pitch-shift. They operate in conjunction with Effects Depth messages; the two message types taken together are called Effects Control.

effects depth : (1) A parameter on a synthesizer, effects unit, etc. which can be adjusted by the user to alter the mount of a particular effect, such as reverb, delay, or chorus. (2) Effects Depth controllers. Controller Change messages which are used to implement the function described in Effects Depth. These were initially assigned to specific effects, but are now generalized and operate in conjunction with Effects Controls 1 & 2 messages; the two message types taken together are called Effects Control.

effects loop : A mixing console circuit that is used to add an effect to a signal or a group of signals. When the effect unit is plugged into the effects send bus circuit (via the effects send and effects return jacks), it literally functions as a loop, splitting the signal off from the mixer and sending it to the effect, then returning it to the mixer, where it is combined with the original signal.

effects master : See effects send.

effects return : An input on a mixing console that receives the wet signal from the effects devices. The effects return inputs usually have volume controls (faders) to control the intensity of the particular effect in use.

effects send : An output from a mixering console that is connected to the input of an effects device. The effects send outputs usually have volume controls to set the effect send level, and the overall level of all the effects send outputs may be controlled by an effects master control operating from the effects bus. Effects sends (usually referred to in this case as aux sends) are typically used to feed effects processors such as reverbs, or are used to feed monitor systems, either speakers on stage or headphones in the studio. Whereas the main outputs of a mixer have a mix of everything that has a main fader turned up, the effects sends, with their own mix controls, have an independent mix. Effects sends are also used to feed the house mix to the PA system, when they are usually called post-fader sends. Also called an post-fader send, or aux (auxiliary) send. See insert send.

effects track : (1) An edited track of magnetic film containing sounds other than dialog or music. There can be many effects prepared for a film mix. (2) In videotape productions whose sound is assembled on a multitrack tape, the track or tracks on which sound effects are recorded. (3) In the 35mm three-track mix of a motion picture, the recorded track that contains sounds mixed from all the effects tracks. See film soundtrack.

multieffects processor : An effects processor which is capable of producing several types of effects at once.

on-board effects processor : This can be used in a synthesizer to add reverb, chorusing, or other effects. On most synthesizers, it is possible to set the effect send level separately for each of the multitimbral parts. As opposed to outboard.

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