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active equalizer : An equalizer that employs active components such as transistors or ICs in its processing circuits. A pre-amplifying circuit generally follows each stage of actual equalization, boosting the signal level to restore unity gain. See also passive equalizer.

elliptical equalizer : A special equalizer which causes the two channels of a stereo signal to be more nearly in phase at low frequencies, making the signal easier to cut into a record (an LP stylus has an elliptical cross-section).

equalizer : An adjustable audio filter inserted in a circuit to divide and adjust its frequency response, altering or distorting the relative amplitude of certain frequency ranges of an audio signal. The effects processor used for equalization. Equalizers come in two varieties, graphic and parametric. A graphic equalizer typically has a number of fixed-frequency bands (5-10 in consumer equipment, 31 in professional equipment), each wired to its own front-panel slider. The control is over the amount of cut or boost (in dB) at each band. A parametric equalizer goes two steps further: the center frequency of each band can be selected by the user, as can the bandwidth. This affords more precise control over which frequencies will be affected by the boost or cut in amplitude. Because EQ circuitry with these controls is more expensive to build, a parametric equalizer will typically provide fewer bands than a graphic equalizer. A semi-parametric equalizer, sometimes found in multieffects devices, provides control over the center frequency of each band, but not over the bandwidth. See also active equalizer, passive equalizer, shelving equalizer, Q.

graphic equalizer : A graphic equalizer can be recognized by the row of faders across the front panel, each fader controlling its own narrow section of the audio spectrum. Other than the highest and lowest faders, which control shelving filters, each of the filters in a graphic equalizer is a fixed-frequency bandpass filter, where the range of each fader is fixed, and the width of each individual band of a third-octave equalizer is actually wider than a third-octave. See equalizer, parametric equalizer.

peaking equalizer : Another name for a parametric equalizer.

passive equalizer : An equalizer that employs only passive electronic components, i.e., resistors, capacitors, and/or inductors. Since these components require voltage, passive equalizers can only cut each operating band, the. The output signal level is necessarilythus lower than the input level. See active equalizer.

parametric equalizer : A parametric equalizer is a sweep bandpass EQ, except that a third control is added to allow the width of the filter response to be adjusted. The width of the filter response is its Q value to be adjusted. , and Bbecause the filter response is curved, the actual frequency width is measured in increments of 3dB. Also called a peaking equalizer. See equalizer, graphic equalizer.

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