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flat : (1) The condition of a note which is, either deliberately or accidentally, lowered in pitch. This might be only a few cents or as much as a tone (double flat, bb). In music notation, a flat is indicated by the flat symbol (b), meaning lower the tone by a half-step. (2) The same as dry. Unequalized, uncompressed, and otherwise unprocessed, describing a signal from any source: mic, instrument, or tape playback. (3) The neutral position on a tone control, effecting no change to the signal. See center detent. (4) Film projection using non-anamorphic lenses. In the U.S. the term flat is synonymous with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 widescreen. See anamorphic.

flat response : The faithful reproduction of the amplitude of an audio signal, specifically, variations in output level of less than one decibel above or below a median level over the entire audio spectrum. A system which has the same gain at all frequencies of interest will yield a graph of the gain versus frequency that will be linear.

flattening : A general term for the process of moving the final stems, tracks, etc. to audio/video tape, usually involving a substantial reduction in the number of tracks on which the sound is carried and merged with the time-coded video. Also specifically refers to the process in ProTools™ whereby stereo audio and video is exported to a QuickTime movie or other format.

flat wind : To employ a slower-than-normal fast forward or rewind mode on a tape transport in order to wind the tape smoothly and evenly onto the reel or hub, usually for storage. Flat winding prevents edge curling and other types of deformation damage. See also heads-out.

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