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flutter : (1) In a tape recorder, if the tape speed varies, the pitch of the recorded music will vary. If the rate of variation is fairly high, typically above 5Hz or so, it is called flutter. If the speed varies at rates below several HertzseveralHz, it is called wow. Flutter is actually a type of frequency modulation distortion and imparts a tremolo- or vibrato-like character to the music. (2) See chatter.

flutter echo : An acoustic effect where sound is reflected back and forth between two parallel surfaces such as walls. The same effect as standing waves, but at lower frequencies, flutter echo is created when reflections are lower than 15Hz, or when walls are greater than 25 apart."

scrape-flutter filter : In tape transports, a smooth or low-friction, non-magnetic, low-mass flywheel installed in the tape path in the order to minimize the pressure with which the tape meets guides, rollers, or other potential sources of scrape-flutter.

Wow and Flutter caused by any variation in the speed of the tape transport. The lower the figure the better and hence the lower the level of variation through the speakers.

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