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gap width : See gap.

gap : The distancespace between the pole pieces of a magnetic tape head. The gap width is the dimension of head gap measured along the tape path, typically 90 mils for a professional playback head, 150 mils for a record head, and 400 mils for an erase head. Sometimes specified in microns.

gap scatter : Any deviation from perfect head gap-track alignment on a multitrack.

tape recording. gap width : See gap.

head gap : See gap.

pregap : A mixed-mode CD encoding format designed to hide the computer data at the front of the audio portion of the CD, between index 0 and index 1 of track one. A CD player still thinks itís an audio-format CD, while a computer thinks itís a CD-ROM. Pregap improves upon mixed-mode by not allowing the audio user to access the Enhanced CD track directly, but there are other problems: patent disputes and a bug in Windowsí95 makes the pregap track inaccessible to PC users. See CD Extra.

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