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gate : (1) See noise gate. (2) A control voltage generated by any key on a synthesizer keyboard that instructs signal generators and other devices to begin operating. (3) The part of a movie camera that has an opening to allow light from the lens to expose the film, and that holds the film steady during that exposure. In a projector, the light source illuminates the frame held steady in the gate. The lens then projects the image onto a screen.

gated reverb : The use of a noise gate to cause a sudden termination of a reverberation effect, without allowing the normal decay segment to complete. This gives the sound an unnatural, industrial timbre.

noise gate A noise reduction device through which an audio signal is passed. When the signal level is very small, the noise gate will close, eliminating any residual noise that may be riding on the signal. In the presence of a signal, the noise gate will open, allowing both signal and noise to pass through, as under these conditions, the noise is masked by the signal. A noise gate is a special type of expander with an infinite expansion ratio below a preset threshold. The effectiveness is determined by the time constants associated with the gain reduction, and often the background noise can be heard switching on and off with the signal. See breathing, gate, floor.

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