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layback : Transfer of the finished audio mix back onto the video edit master. See layoff.

layback recorder : A videotape recorder, usually 1" format, on which a mixed sound track with all DME stems can be re-recorded in sync with the edited video master. Because of its special purpose, a layback machine should have less flutter and higher quality audio heads and electronics than on standard 1" video decks. Some layback machines designed especially for that purpose have no video reproduction capability at all. They merely read time code and do an extremely high-quality job of recording audio, and nothing else. The layback process is also called re-laying. See layback, layoff.

sample (playback) synthesis : The production of a sound where a digital oscillator plays back a digitally sampled recording of an actual sound, such as a note played on a trumpet or guitar.

playback head : The head on a tape recorder that is used to detect the varying remnant magnetism present on the tape. The output of this head is then amplified and heard as the recorded program.

playback-equalization : See record-equalization.

playback : (1) The amplified reproduction of any type of sound recording. (2) The reproduction of a recorded take immediately after it is recorded, done to make ęsthetic and technical judgments about the performance and recording quality. (3) On a motion picture set, the reproduction of music or other sounds recorded previously under studio conditions, to which the actors, singers, and dancers in a scene mime and move in exact synchronism. Called shooting to playback.

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