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Academy leader : The visual countdown that precedes the first program frame of a motion picture. Symbols and numbers on the academy leader are used for aligning the various film reels and the optical track for composite printing, for aligning the workprint and edited soundtracks for mixing, and for timing the change-over from one reel of film to another during projection. Academy leader contains one number per foot following the Picture Start, with 11, 10, etc., leader to three. (As projected, these numbers appear upside-down.) Named after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which sets all film format standards. See also leader, SMPTE Universal leader, plastic leader, fill leader, LFOP.

fill leader : The film that is inserted into units of mag film in order to keep synchronization during silent sections. Fill leader is usually made up of recycled release prints. See also leader, plastic leader.

leader : Blank (unexposed) motion picture film attached to the beginning or end of a reel of film, usually used for threading a playback machine, and which contains information about the reelís content such as film title, reel number, etc. as well as the count-down section. Opaque leader is used in A - and B roll B - Rolls, in editing workprints and film soundtracks, to fill spaces between specific sound effects or musical segments, or to fill in for picture or sound segments to be added later. See also Academy leader, SMPTE Universal leader, plastic leader, fill leader.

leadering : The process of removing the out-takes, count-offs, and noises between takes in a magnetic tape (and by extension, digital) recording. In analog magnetic tape recording, this process also involves inserting leader tape between songs.

leader tape : Nonmagnetic plastic or special paper tape that is spliced onto magnetic tape between musical selections and at the beginning and end of the magnetic tape, protecting the tape and delimiting the selections. Some leader is timed and has marks every 7" or 15" to allow the tape editor to insert the desired time between selections.

SMPTE Universal leader : Designed primarily for video, the leader, after Picture Start, features a sweep hand counting down from eight seconds. See Academy leader.

SMPTE leader : See SMPTE Universal leader.

plastic leader : Usually, white or yellow leader tape in between songs on a master tape. Plastic leader can pick up static electricity, which can create clicks or pops on the master tape. For that reason, paper leader is generally used on masters. There are special types of plastic leaders, made of an anti-static base, that are used for archival storage where paper leader, which changes shape in varying humidity and deteriorates with age, will not suffice. See also leader.

paper leader : See plastic leader.

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