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cross-fade looping : A sample-editing feature found in many samplers and most sample-editing software, in which some portion of the data at the beginning of a loop is mixed with some portion of the data at the end of the same loop, so as to produce a smoother transition between the end of the loop and the beginning of the loop replay.

looping : See ADR.

looping modes : A loop can play (1) forward from start to end, (2) in reverse from end to start, or (3) alternating between forward and reverse. Also called loop type. See also crossfade looping.

pattern looping : A digital composition technique whereby long, looped samples are mapped into a sampler along with other samples such as bass riffs, drum variations, and solo samples (vocal sounds, effects, etc.) The different loops and solo sounds are brought in and out via a keyboard to create a finished composition.

Virgin Looping The process of recording onto a blank piece of mag film, which would later be manually synced to the picture. See looping and lip sync.

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