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mLan : A specification proposed as a part of the FireWire protocol standard which provides a definition of how to send multiple sample-accurate AES31 signals, raw audio, MIDI and other control information over a single 1394 cable. The specification reduces the clock jitter inherent in the IEEE 1394 8kHz isochronous clock to about 40ns. Implementations of mLan go farther, reducing the clock jitter among connected devices to less than 1ns. IEEE 1394 has adopted a portion of mLan as an official supplemental standard for handing IEEE 1394 audio and music control data; AES is also considering mLan, but is concerned that it is not sufficiently accurate for professional studio use as, while mLan ensures that multiple 1394 nodes are synchronized, the specification does not provide accuracy necessary to synchronize devices using the IEEE 1394 network to carry different types of signals, such as noncoherent audio, video, and/or musical control data.

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