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5-2-5 matrix : See Logic 7.

channel assignment matrix : In a recording console, the group of buttons or switches by which the signal from any input channel can be assigned to one or more busses, and thereby be sent to one or more tracks of the multitrack recorder.

matrix : (1) A term used to describe any system which allows devices to be connected as though they were arranged along the two axes of a grid, i.e., a structured form of patching. For example, the VCS range of modular synths, where the outputs of the various modules are connected to the left edge of a grid of holes, while their inputs are ranged along the top edge. Electronic versions of a matrix are implemented in software. (2) See matrixing.

matrixing : Matrixing is the linear mixing of two or more signal channels at specific amplitudes and phases to form two or more new signals. These new signals can be combined in similar ways to recover the original signals. The circuit topology used for matrixing is called a matrix. Matrixing is a linear addition of signals used to encode directional information, e.g., Scheiber matrixing used in Dolby Surround-sound, and it is not the same as modulation.

matrix modulation : A method of connecting modulation sources to destinations in such a way that any source can be sent to any combination of destinations.

Scheiber matrix encoding/decod : The algorithm used in Dolby Stereo optical process to produce quadraphonic LCRS(left/center/right/surround) sound from two channels. In this process, common in-phase information would bleed into the center channel, while the surround channel would receive out-of-phase material. See SVA.

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