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control module : The part of a synthesizer that tells the sound generators and controllers what to do to make a given note. These modules include envelope generators, LFOs, the keyboard itself, and the modulation and pitch-bend wheels. These allow control of some aspects of a synthesizerís sound by sending signals to the sound generators and modifiers telling them now to behave. For instance, the keyboard sends a signal to the oscillator telling it what frequency to play. Also called modulation modules.

generator module : A synthesizer module that generates sound, usually through an oscillator.

integrator module : A lowpass filter which increases the rise and fall times of a sound envelope, lengthening the attack and decay times. Compare with a differentiator module.

MIDI module : A device for generating sound which does not have an integral keyboard.

modifier module : A synthesizer module which takes raw sound and modifies its timbre (tone) or its amplitude (volume) in some way. In most synths, these modules include filters and amplifiers. Also called a modulator. See also VCA, VCF.

modulation module : See control module.

module : A hardware sound generator with no attached keyboard. A module can be either physically separate or integrated into a modular synthesizer, and is designed to make some particular contribution to the process of generating electronic sound.

monitor module : On a recording console, the module with the switching and master volume controls for studio and control-room monitors loudspeakers. This module often contains master cue mix selector switches and cue mix volume level controls, and sometimes the master reverb sends and returns.

sound module : See tone module.

tone module : See expander(2).

differentiator module : A highpass filter which can accentuate the higher-frequency harmonics and transients of a sound envelope. Compare with an integrator module.

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