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active monitor A type of loudspeaker which has amplification circuitry built-in. In addition, a true active monitor system utilizes active equalization and active crossovers to precisely contour the system sound. If there is only one amplifier driving all transducers, and/or there is no active equalization or crossover circuitry, the terms powered speaker or powered monitor are preferred.

monitor : (1) (noun) Originally, a loudspeaker in the control booth of a recording studio. More recently, this means the speakers placed on the stage to allow performers to better hear themselves, more often known as foldback. (2) (verb) To listen to or measure a signal at some point in the recording or synthesis chain. (3) The section on a mixing desk for adjusting aspects of the monitoring process. See monitor module.

monitor mix : A mixed signal in a sound reinforcement console that is sent to the monitor speakers on the stage. Because the monitors are near the microphones, this signal is usually highly equalized by notching out the house modes to reduce the tendency for acoustic feedback. There may be more than one monitor mix, each routed to a different musician or section.

monitor module : On a recording console, the module with the switching and master volume controls for studio and control-room monitors loudspeakers. This module often contains master cue mix selector switches and cue mix volume level controls, and sometimes the master reverb sends and returns.

monitor path : The replay portion of the signal chain in a mixer. See also channel path.

monitor send : This refers to a mixerísconsole auxiliary send that is connected before a channelís output fader, usually called a pre-fader send. For example, if a pre-fader send is used to route part of a vocal track to a stage monitor, when the main vocal channelís level is raised, the amount sent to the monitor would be unchanged. Monitor sends are usually used for foldback or cue mixes. See effects send. Also called a foldback send.

stage monitor : A wedge-shaped loudspeaker placed on the stage close to the musicians in a live or broadcast performance. It allows them to hear the monitor special mix, e.g., the bass player may particularly need to hear the drum part.

wide-range monitoring : See X-Curve.

Radio Monitor : radio reception when tape is set for fast-forward or rewind.

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