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bridged mono : A method of combining both channels of stereo power amplifiers to create a doubly powerful single-channel (monaural) amplifier. See bridge(2).

mono : Abbreviation for monophonic. (1) Capable of producing only one note at a time. A clarinet is monophonic. A bagpipe or an organ is polyphonic. (2) An audio signal that is carried by a single channel. The number of microphones or loudspeakers that are used to generate and replay the sound is irrelevant; what counts is that the various signals are mixed to one channel. See monaural, stereo.

mono compatibility : The ability of a stereo musical signal to be mixed down into a single monaural channel without violence to the timbre of the signal. The result of the addition of two stereo channels would ideally sound like a signal that was recorded with a single microphone. Usually recorded using a coincident pair, mono-compatible stereo signals can be added together without creating phase cancellations which damage audio quality. See ORTF.

Mono Mode : One of the basic reception modes of MIDI devices. In Mono Mode, an instrument responds monophonically to all notes arriving over a single MIDI channel. In a guitar-to-MIDI converter, each string sends data over a separate MIDI channel. See MIDI Mode.

monophonic : See mono.

Bridgeable to mono : Where the two separate outputs of some stereo amplifiers can be combined to give a mono signal.

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