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multitrack : An audio tape recorder capable of handling more than two tracks of information separately, but generally applied to recorders which handle eight or more tracks. Otherwise, the recorder is called a two-track or four-track recorder. Also, the actual recording tape on which eight or more tracks are recorded. The tape is nonsprocketed and the recorder may be analog or digital. The most common analog format is 24-track, 2 tape; the digital market is shared between the DASH format, using either 24- or 48-track tape or the ProDigital format which records 32 tracks on 1 tape. MEMs use video cassettes to record 8-12 tracks of audio, but up to 128 tracks can be simultaneously recorded by locking together multiple transports.

modular digital multitrack (MD : Multitrack recording systems which record digital audio data on a videocasette, using a rotating drum in the same manner as a DAT recorder. MDMs are typically expandable by locking together multiple MDM modules. There are two MDM standards: the Alesis ADAT and compatibles which record on S-VHS tape, and the Tascam DA-88 and compatibles, which record on Hi-8mm tape. Examples of MDMs include the Akai A-DAM, Alesis ADAT, Tascam DA-88 and Yamaha DMR8/DRU8. Also called a modular recorder.

multitracking : (1) The use of wide-format audio recording tapes on which parallel tracks are recorded, each containing a performance by one or more instrumentalists, vocalists, or virtual tracks. (2) See overdubbing.

digital multitrack : A device for recording multiple channels of digital audio data at various sampling rates. Two formats have survived: the Sony/Studer DASH format and MDM machines of either ADAT or DTRS type. The first digital multitrack recorder was introduced in the late 1970s by 3M, a 32-track recorder called the Digital Audio Mastering System.

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