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erase oscillator : A very high-frequency oscillator built into a tape recorder to supply current to the erase head. In most machines, the same oscillator supplies the bias and erase frequency.

low-frequency oscillator : See LFO.

oscillator sync : A sound synthesis technique whereby one oscillatorís cycle is synchronized to that of a second. This forces the waveform of the slave oscillator to restart its cycle each time the master crosses the zero-point. As a result, the fundamental of the slave is the same as the master, but the waveform is radically changed. The pitch of the controlling oscillator is not normally added into the audio mix, but can be shifted by pitch-bend, envelope, aftertouch or an LFO, producing substantial changes to the harmonic content of the slave oscillator, but without changing the fundamental pitch as does ring modulation. Instead, the higher harmonics around the pitch of the slaved oscillator are emphasized, producing a very hard edge to the tone.

oscillator : (1) An electronic device which generates a periodic signal of a particular frequency, usually a sine wave, but sometimes a square wave or other waveform. In an analog synthesizer, oscillators typically produce regularly repeating fluctuations in voltage--that is, they oscillate. (2) In a digital synthesis, an oscillator more typically plays back a complex waveform by reading the numbers in a wavetable. An oscillator allows a choice of pitch and waveform, the first affects the perceived musical pitch and the second affects the timbre. Additional parameters that are almost always found in the oscillator section of a synthesizer are those that deal with vibrato and pitch-bend.

varispeed oscillator : In tape recorders, an oscillator used to vary the frequency of the AC driving an AC capstan motor and, hence, the tape speed. Recorders whose capstans are driven by DC motors often have DC voltage controls for varispeed operation. These are often mistakenly called varispeed oscillators.

voltage-controlled oscillator : See VCO.

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