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passive equalizer : An equalizer that employs only passive electronic components, i.e., resistors, capacitors, and/or inductors. Since these components require voltage, passive equalizers can only cut each operating band, the. The output signal level is necessarilythus lower than the input level. See active equalizer.

passive crossover : See crossover network.

passive : A device is called passive if it contains no amplification circuitry and a signal suffers insertion loss in passing through it, i.e., more energy goes into the device than is available at its output. This is opposed to an amplifier or other device which has the potential for at least unity gain. Many audio equalizers are passive, as are most crossover networks. Passive devices in general do not add any appreciable nonlinear distortion or noise to the signal, but they have so much attendant insertion loss that additional amplification is needed, and this always contributes some noise and distortion. Passive devices can and do cause phase distortion, however. As opposed to active.

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