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MIDI patchbay : Essentially a patchbay for MIDI signals. Passive patchbays simply present MIDI In and MIDI Out sockets conveniently on a front panel to facilitate patching via patchcords. Active patchbays will generally have MIDI sockets on the rear panel, switches and displays on the front panel, and will also have a memory which allows commonly used patches to be stored. These, in turn, may be triggered by specific MIDI Program Change messages sent to the unit. As all of this requires some processing power, an active patchbay will often perform other functions such as MIDI Merge or MIDI mapping.

patch point : A location in an electronic circuit at which access to the circuit is provided by a jack in the patch bay or console channel strip. See normalled connection, output.

patch map : A map with which any incoming MIDI program change message can be assigned to call up any of an instrumentís patches. This is a table set up by the user with entries such as 1=3, 2=2, 3=984, etc. See patch mapping, MIDI Mapper.

patch mapping : A Program Change message is limited to only 128 values, while some synthesizers can store many thousands of separate patches. This would mean that only 128 of the programs could be accessed via MIDI. Patch mapping is a process whereby a given program change number received by a MIDI device can be linked to any one of the available patches, as determined by a patch map. To get beyond the 128 limit, the MIDI Continuous Controller message, Bank Select, has been defined for selecting different banks of sounds prior to sending a program change number.

patch cord : A short cable, typically fitted with a phone plug or TT connector at each end, used to make a connection between two points on a patch bay.

patch bay : A group of similar receptacles, or jack, in an audio system. The act of plugging and unplugging the patch cords is called patching. Also called a router, jack field, or jack bay. Increasingly, physical patching is being replaced by digital routing.

patch : (1) (verb) To connect together, as the inputs and outputs of various modules, generally with patch cords. (2) (noun) The configuration of hookups and settings that results from the process of patching, and by extension, the sound that such a configuration creates. Patch is most often used to denote a single sound or the contents of a memory location that contains parameter settings for the sound, even on an instrument that requires no physical patching. A synonym for sample or program.

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