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back plate : In a condenser microphone, the fixed, rigid capacitor element that is charged with an electric polarity opposite to that of the diaphragm.

reverb plate : See plate reverb.

plate : See back plate.

plate reverb : An electromechanical substitute for an acoustic reverb chamber, where electronically generated reverb was unavailable, whereby a metal plate was suspended behind the sound source, fitted with a transducer and microphone pick-up. The plate was typically 4’ by 6’, suspended on springs within a sound-deadening case as a reverberant space. A vibrating transducer feeds the direct sound into the metal plate, and a pair of pick-ups extract the reverberation as vibrations bounce off the plate’s edges. A motorized damping plate parallel to the main plate can be remotely positioned at varying distances to control the duration of the reverb. The plate has a characteristic metallic, bright sound. Other substitutes were spring reverbs and slap echo devices.

deck plate : In a tape recorder transport, the heavy metal plate on which the headstack, rollers, and other transport components are located.

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