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sample (playback) synthesis : The production of a sound where a digital oscillator plays back a digitally sampled recording of an actual sound, such as a note played on a trumpet or guitar.

playback head : The head on a tape recorder that is used to detect the varying remnant magnetism present on the tape. The output of this head is then amplified and heard as the recorded program.

playback-equalization : See record-equalization.

playback : (1) The amplified reproduction of any type of sound recording. (2) The reproduction of a recorded take immediately after it is recorded, done to make ęsthetic and technical judgments about the performance and recording quality. (3) On a motion picture set, the reproduction of music or other sounds recorded previously under studio conditions, to which the actors, singers, and dancers in a scene mime and move in exact synchronism. Called shooting to playback.

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