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The distance between the pole : (1) See noise gate. (2) A control voltage generated by any key on a synthesizer keyboard that instructs signal generators and other devices to begin operating. (3) The part of a movie camera that has an opening to allow light from the lens to expose the film, and that holds the film steady during that exposure. In a projector, the light source illuminates the frame held steady in the gate. The lens then projects the image onto a screen.

pole : A portion of a filter circuit. The more poles a filter has, the more abrupt its rolloff slope will be. Each pole causes a slope of 6dB per octave; typical filter configurations are two-pole and four-pole (12dB/octave and 24dB/octave, respectively). See order.

tripole : A type of loudspeaker design developed by M&K which is a combination of a direct radiator and a bipole speaker. These have been specifically designed for use with surround soundsurround-sound systems.

dipole : In loudspeaker design, a dipole radiator is a system which radiates forwards and rearwards with equal energy, but with opposite polarity. Examples of dipole radiators are electrostatic loudspeakers and planar speakers. Some cone-type speakers have dipole radiators. For a dipole radiator to have adequate low-frequency response, it must be very large to prevent the rear wave from canceling the front wave. Also, the dipole radiator must not be placed close to and parallel to a wall, working best when not near reflective surfaces.

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