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spot-erase: To erase a very s nulll

spotting : Used in film scoring, the process of identifying the specific scenes on film where music cues will take place, including information on length and style. Also, the act of reviewing the film with the director to determine work that will be needed on the soundtrack.

pot : Potentiometer. A device (commonly attached to a knob or slider) used to adjust some aspect of the signal being passed through it, or to send out a control signal corresponding to its position. A variable resistor, usually controlled by a rotary knob, is used extensively as a volume control, tone control, etc. The term is also sometimes used for a step-type attenuator.

panpot : Short for panoramic potentiometer. An audio mixer control which is used for positioning the channelís signal somewhere between the right and left speakers. See pan.

sweet spot : The optimum position for a microphone to be placed in front of an instrument or for a listener to sit, relative to near-field, or other area-focused, monitors.

trimpot : A small pot whose setting is usually adjusted by a small screwdriver, designed to be adjusted only rarely and are used in sensitive circuits such as equalizers where they can be finely adjusted and left for long periods.

Hotspot : nodes of APs that provide 802.11a/b/g services.

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