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multiband audio processor : A type of compressor, used by FM radio stations, which breaks up the audio frequency spectrum into from three to five bands, runs them through individual compression components, and then add them back together, resulting in a kind of re-equalization. This process tends to even out the bands, reducing the boominess of mixes with heavy bass, and the tinniness of mixes with a lot of high-frequency signal. See split-band compression.

multieffects processor : An effects processor which is capable of producing several types of effects at once.

signal processor : See processor.

processor : Sometimes used synonymously with the term effects device, a processor circuit modifies a signal passing through it, whereas an effects circuit leaves the original signal intact and adds something to it. Processors include EQ, compressor/limiters, expanders/gates, panners, and single-ended noise reduction units.

on-board effects processor : This can be used in a synthesizer to add reverb, chorusing, or other effects. On most synthesizers, it is possible to set the effect send level separately for each of the multitimbral parts. As opposed to outboard.

Digital Acoustics Processor (D : A consumer audio device that attempts to simulate the acoustics of an auditorium or other room by adding suitable time delays and synthetic reverberation to recorded signals.

dynamic signal processor : Any electronic device whose type or degree of operation changes with response to level or other characteristic of the input signal, i.e., with feedback, for example compressors, downward and upward expanders, gates, limiters, NRNR systems, flangers, etc. The opposite of static signal processing.

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