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edit programmer : A computer used to perform on-line edits and auto-assemblies. The video editor enters the EDL, a sequence of SMPTE timecode time codes corresponding to the shots and specific frames to be connected. The edit programmer then controls the video playback and re-recording decks to produce the edited video master tape according to the editorís instructions. Depending on the sophistication of the specific unit used, the editor may have to perform some special effects manually, on prompts given by the edit programmer. Also called an edit controller.

programmable : Equipped with software that enables the user to create new sounds or other assignments by altering parameter settings and storing the new settings in memory. An individual control parameter is said to be programmable if its setting can be stored separately with each individual patch.

Program Change : A MIDI message that causes a synthesizer or other device to switch to a new program/sound/patch contained in its memory. MIDI defines a range of 128 Program Change messages, numbered 0-127. GM goes further, assigning a specific type of sound (e.g., hi-hat) to a specific number.

program : (1) (verb) To create a synthesizer patch. (noun) A patch. Also called a patch, preset. (2) (noun) The desired audio or video signal passing through any system or stored on any medium such as tape, as opposed to noise.

program chain : The sequence of components or devices which is used to process a signal. It usually starts with a microphone and ends with loudspeakers, incorporating a mixing desk, tape recorder, etc. See chain. Also called a set-up.

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