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quantization strength : See percentage quantization, quantization (2).

quantization distortion : See granulation.

quantization error : The difference between the actual analog value at the sample time and the nearest quantized (digitally encoded) value is called quantization error. At worst, the quantized value encoded will be no greater than one-half increment away from the actual analog value. Quantization error is related to the S/N ratio and the maximum number of quantization increments is related to dynamic range. See bit depth.

quantization noise : One of the types of error introduced into an analog audio signal by encoding it in digital form. The digital equivalent of tape hiss, quantization noise is caused by the small differences between the actual amplitudes of the points being sampled and the bit depth of the analog to digital converter. In the quantization of a sine wave whose frequency is a submultiple of the sampling frequency, the error will have a definite pattern which repeats at the frequency of the signal, having a frequency content consisting of multiples of this frequency, where it can be considered as harmonic distortion rather than noise. In music, however, the signal is constantly changing and no such regularity exists, resulting in quantization error, producing wideband noise, called quantization noise. See granulation.

quantization : (1) The representation of an analog signal by a vector of discrete values. The signal, after quantization, has a stepped shape rather than its original continuous curve, and the difference between this and the original signal is quantization error. See granulation, PCM, quantization noise. (2) A function found on sequencers and drum machines that causes notes wplayed hose start time does not correspond to the beginning of a beat at odd times to be rounded off to the nearest rhythmic value. See percentage quantization.

percentage quantization : A method of quantization in which notes recorded into a sequencer with uneven rhythms are not shifted all the way to their theoretically perfect timings, but instead are humanized, with the amount of shift being dependent on the user-selected percentage, called quantization strength.

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