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early reflections (ER): (1) The first and following reflections from adjacent room boundaries, as opposed to later reflections which are produced by farther surfaces or which have taken a longer path to reach the listener. (2) A reverb algorithm whose output consists of a number of closely spaced discrete echoes, designed to mimic the bouncing of sound off of nearby walls in an acoustic space. See ESS

later reflections : See early reflections.

reflections : Sounds that do not take a direct route to a personís ears, but which bounce first off of a stage, balcony, wall, or other non-absorptive boundary before arriving at the ears. The combined audio effect of all of the reflections of a sound is called reverberation. Early reflections are the first reflections to reach the ears and sometimes sound distinct, like little echoes. Closer instruments will generally have a longer delay between the initial dry signal and the first early reflections. See also ESS.

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