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release velocity : The speed with which a controller key is raised or otherwise released, and the type of MIDI data used to encode that speed. Release velocity sensing is rare but found on some instruments. It is usually used as a rate control for the release segment of the sound envelope.

release print : A composite print of a film made for general exhibition purposes. Release prints are generally made using the same exposure, color balance, and effects employed in the final answer print. See internegative, EK neg.

release time : The length of time it takes for a signal processing device, generally a compressor, limiter, or expander, to return to its nominal gain-before-threshold, once the input signal level no longer meets threshold conditions. See attack time.

release loop : A set of loop points that define a portion of the sound to be played repeatedly during an envelope’s release phase. A release loop starts playing back after a key is released when sample playback will finish the current pass through the sustain loop and then move on to the remainder of the sound, which may or may not contain a release loop. The release loop will be heard for the length of time determined by the release time parameter setting.

release : (1) The portion of an envelope that comes after the sustain portion and is the amount of time it takes for the sound to go from the sustain level back to silence. The release segment begins after the key is lifted, i.e., the release time to zero-level after a MIDI Note-Off message arrives or the key is released. See ADSR. (2) The time it takes for a compressor’s gain to come back up to normal once the input signal has fallen back below the threshold.

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