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full score : A notated form of a piece of music which contains the complete music for all instruments or vocal parts, aligned vertically, i.e., t. The full complement of band parts.

score : (1) (noun) The original-music composition for a motion picture or television production, recorded after the picture has been edited. (2) The conductorís chart, containing all band parts of a musical arrangement, and the individual band parts. (3) (verb) To write the music for a motion picture or television production soundtrack.

pre-score : To compose and/or produce a musical score or jingle before the film or video has been shot. This can be done in anticipation of filming live actors to playback, or in animation to provide the animator with exact scene lengths, cue points, and other information necessary to match the animated scene to the music. Almost all animated films are pre-scored, including dialog and effects, after which frame counts are taken from this in the music so that the animators can time actions to fit the soundtrack. The opposite of post-score.

post-score : To compose and/or produce a musical score or jingle after the film or videotape for the production has been shot, and usually after a fine cut is completed. The composer can then spot cues, take counts, locate hits and really tailor the music to the visuals.

temp score : Music placed by the director or music editor to get an impression of how a scene will work once itís scored.

underscore : Music that provides atmospheric or emotional background to the primary dialog or narration onscreen to emphasize the action.

vocal score : A notated form of vocal music in which any orchestral parts are expressed as a piano (treble and bass clef) score, i.e., there is no full score.

wild score : See scoring wild.

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