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scoring stage : A large recording studio equipped with synchronous multitrack or other recording equipment, interlocked film and video playback, and large-screen projection in the studio itself. Motion pictures and video productions are scored here, the conductor watching the image and footage or SMPTE timecode data, and conducting performers so that the finished recording aligns properly with the footage.

scoring wild : The recording of a motion picture or television score using non-synchronous recorders. The conductor defines timings for each part of the score from footage counts of the edited film, and seeks a performance that approximates the required timing to a close tolerance, perhaps one-half of a second. The wild score can be made to fit exactly if its playback speed can be adjusted during transfer, by editing in/out short pauses, etc. See also wild sound.

scoring paper : Music paper with several (usually five) lines printed above each staff for other information needed by the composer while writing a score or jingle. These lines may contain elapsed time counts or SMPTE timecode addresses, summaries of on-screen action, dialogue and/or narration, required effects, etc.

pre-scoring: The technique of : The intelligibility of a track; a subjective term describing the amount of mid- to upper-mid range frequencies in the sound source. Boosting a track’s presence helps to bring the track forward in the image, and is effected by increasing the amplitude of frequencies in the range of approximately 800Hz-6kHz, typically in the more narrow band of 2kHz-4kHz.

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