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serial interface : A hardware interface which transmitsmeans of outputting computer data using a serial protocol whereby all bits in a digital word are sent one after the other. This is generally cheaper than using a parallel interface as the connectors need only one transmit pin and one receive pin, plus ground. However, the time taken to transmit each word is greater than for a parallel data; the MIDI specification calls for a serial hardware interface, i.e., it is a serial protocol interface.

serial port : A connector on a Mac which is used to connect devices which use a serial interface, such as some MIDI interfaces, and printers.

serial : (1) Data transmission whereby all bits are sent one after the other, as opposed to using a parallel interface where bits are sent in groups. Parallel protocols are more complex than serial and the and the connectors are more complicated and , hence, more expensive, all of which makes it. Itís also harder easier to get the specification implemented correctly wrong among vendors., For this reason,hence, MIDI uses a serial transmission protocol and specifies a serial interface, even though the transmission time required is substantially higher than for a parallel protocol. As MIDI files are quite small, compared with files which contain actual audio or video content, the relative lack of transmission speed was felt to be a good trade-off for the simplicity of its implementation.. (2) Network connections where devices in the network are hooked up in a line, i.e., one to the next. This is called a daisy-chain, and is the opposite of a parallel topology.

SAS (Serial-Attached SCSI) a fundamental change to the seemingly evergreen SCSI standard that defines a shielded serial connection in place of the unshielded parallel connection of prior versions. As with SATA, another protocol originally a parallel approach, SAS provides higher throughput and higher reliability with reduced form factor and a lower overall cost when compared to the parallel version.

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