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modular synthesizer : A type of synthesizer developed in the 1950ís and popularized in the 1970ís in which the components, such as controllers, oscillators, filters and amplifiers are designed as separate devices and interconnected by patch cords. Every module has input and output sockets that are used for interconnecting with the others. They donít have MIDI capabilities, memories, or presets, and they very rarely have hard-wired internal connections, all connections being "modular" via patch cords. The underlying principle of modular synthesis is voltage control, used to control VCOs, trigger an ADSR envelope. Also, in modular synthesis, there is little or no difference between audio and modulation signals, e.g., the audio output of a VCO can be used to modulate the control input of a second VCO, and a mixer can mix control voltage signals just as an audio mixer would.

synthesizer : A musical instrument that generates sound electronically and is designed according to certain principles developed by Robert Moog and others in the 1960s. A synthesizer is distinguished from an electronic piano or electronic organ by the fact that its sounds can be programmed by the user, and from a sampler by the fact that the sampler allows the user to make digital recordings of external sound sources. Synthesizers, particularly if provided with MIDI software and hardware, need not have a keyboard, and most need to be connected to amplification equipment if they are to be heard. See also master keyboard, tone module.

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